Startling video of ice blocks blowing ashore prompts Game of Thrones comparisons

Severe winds from a huge storm in Canada created the unusual spectacle of huge blocks of ice tumbling on to the shore.

Footage posted online by Niagara Parks Police in Ontario, Canada showed the mounds of frozen water from Lake Erie being blown on to the street.

Winds at Niagara Falls had been reported to have reached 74mph as the storm hit, and onlookers described the ice being pushed 150ft inland in some areas.

The unusual sight prompted comparisons to Game Of Thrones' famous ice wall.

Wind-driven ice has been piling up along the eastern end of Lake Erie and has led officials to urge evacuations in a New York community.

Windy Weather
A man photographs a massive build up of ice that was pushed onto the shore of Mather Park in Fort Erie, Ont., Monday, February 25, 2019. (Tara Walton/The Canadian Press via AP)

Ice mounds 25 to 30ft (eight to nine metres) high also came ashore further south, piling up on several waterfront properties in suburban Hamburg.

Windy Weather
Residents were evacuated as the ice began to pile up outside homes in Hamburg. (Tara Walton/The Canadian Press via AP)

"We've had storms in the past, but nothing like this," resident Dave Schultz told WGRZ. "We've never had the ice pushed up against the walls and right up onto our patios. It's in my patio, the neighbour's patio, and the patio after that."