May hits back at accusation she ‘has problem’ with immigration

Theresa May has hit back after being accused by former Tory MP Anna Soubry of having a personal problem with immigration.

Ms Soubry made the claim after she quit the Conservatives for The Independent Group of MPs.

Asked if she had such a problem with immigration, the PM said: “No. As I have consistently said immigration has been good for this country.

Post-Brexit net migration figures
Post-Brexit net migration figures

“What people have wanted to see is to ensure that decisions about who could come to the country were open to the UK Government, not being taken by others elsewhere.

“And it’s important that we as a country, we have welcomed people to come to the UK over the years.

“People who are both coming, migrating to the UK for work purposes, but also, crucially, those many refugees and asylum seekers that we have welcomed to the UK.”

Speaking during a visit to Egypt, Mrs May added: “Immigration has overall been good for the UK. I think what many people felt in relation to the European Union is they wanted decisions about who could come to the United Kingdom to be taken by the UK Government and not be taken in Brussels.”