Toddler dies after being impaled by glass shard in ‘freak accident’

A four-year-old boy in Pennsylvania died after being impaled by a shard of glass while playing with his sisters.

A GoFundMe page says Adrian Ortega was playing in his home when a picture frame fell off the wall and a piece of glass from the broken frame pierced his abdomen.

The young boy was taken to the hospital but was declared dead a short time after arriving.

His mother, Amanda Velez recounted the freak accident to WPVI, saying, "I heard a loud shatter and I hear him screaming 'mommy'..."

She said he was hunched over the glass and that when she lifted him up there was a little blood so she put pressure on the wound with her hand.

She hasn't received an official cause of death since doctors were never able to operate and an autopsy has not been scheduled yet.