Gove talks tripe amid concerns over ‘unconventional’ food being thrown away

Michael Gove was heard talking tripe in the Commons as he encouraged people to indulge in “unconventional” food.

The Environment Secretary was quizzed on his efforts to promote “wonky veg”, amid concerns over the amount of food destroyed before it reaches supermarket shelves.

Mr Gove, in reply to Tory MP Philip Hollobone (Kettering), said: “Well, since you and I were at college together both of us have been champions of wonky veg, and indeed other unconventional foodstuffs.

“He’s absolutely right – when it comes to food, the search for symmetry and perfection is a vain and – if you’ll excuse the pun – fruitless one.

“The true joy of food comes in appreciating the diversity of British food producers and the way in which wonky veg or even sometimes unconventional cuts of meat can actually be a source of great nutrition.

“In that respect may I say, even though it is offal, sometimes it’s a good thing to indulge in tripe.”

Speaker John Bercow intervened to note: “I must say I rather enjoyed that.”

Mr Hollobone had told Mr Gove: “A lot of food is destroyed before it even lands on the supermarket shelves – carrots aren’t straight enough, tomatoes aren’t round enough.

“So what is the Secretary of State doing to promote wonky veg, which is just as beautiful and nutritious on the inside even if it isn’t visually appealing?”