The Queen's already signed off her own funeral, says royal insider

The Queen is the longest serving monarch in British history and it's well known that major media outlets have pre-prepared days of round-the-clock coverage for when she dies.

The BBC will take the lead and regularly practice how they will announce the death of the monarch including how coverage will be conducted in the hours and days ahead.

While much of the country will probably feel a slight sense of numbness in the first 24 hours; most won't have the slightest idea just how much of that coverage, the Queen herself, has decided as part of the royal household's plans.

Royal producer Nick Bullen has revealed the Queen already knows the content of the obituaries being made about her.

"Every detail of the Queen's funeral will have been approved by the Queen. I don't believe she's left anything to chance,"

"So it is her final piece of control, I imagine."