Watch: Boy’s ‘priceless’ reaction as his tee-ball shot lands back on the tee

A boy practising his baseball swing has gone viral after his shot off a tee ricocheted off the wall he was aiming at and landed back where it came from.

Isaac Husted, 11, was caught on CCTV pulling off the feat, in footage which has since gone viral.

The shot was taken at the GPS Baseball training facility in Carrollton, Ohio, where Isaac's father Chris Husted works as a coach.

Mr Husted explained the ball hit the wall, bounced back and rolled up the tee before hopping and sitting perfectly back where it had started.

"Another coach and I were in the other room and heard a commotion in there so we went in and they explained it," Mr Husted told the Press Association. "Isaac's reaction said it all! Priceless!"

A spokesman for GPS Baseball said they were pleased with the attention being shown to Isaac, who has trained with them since he was four.

"This couldn't have happened to a better player for us than Isaac," they said. "He has always worked hard and always had a great attitude for us. This is awesome for him!"