What the papers say – February 17

Sunday’s papers bring a mixed bag, with Brexit, jihadis in Syria and migration all featuring on the fronts.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that European countries are “running out of time” to take back captured fighters in Syria and are risking a “wave of terror”.

The Observer leads with reports the Home Office is “selling the services of immigration officials” to private companies.

The Independent carries a cartoon on its front page of Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Jacob Rees-Mogg looking taken aback by a crowd of protesters, with the paper calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

The Sunday Mirror leads with claims Harry Redknapp has given an eviction notice to tenants in bedsits, while the Sunday People says Prince Harry has pledged to help war veterans after meeting a grieving mother.

The Mail on Sunday reports allegations – disputed by Labour – that Jeremy Corbyn has links to a campaigner looking to “drive out” a Jewish Labour MP, while the Sunday Express says the EU will send food aid to Britain’s poor in the event of a no-deal Brexit.