Penalty kick will leave you asking 'how on Earth has that gone in?'

A Combined Counties Premier Division match in south west London saw one of the strangest moments ever recorded at a football game.

When attacking midfielder Seanan Mckillop stepped up to the spot nobody could have forseen what was coming next.

The player's powerful spot kick crashed off the crossbar and spun high into the night sky, with most on the pitch appearing to believe the set piece had been missed.

However, the ball fell back to earth and had enough spin on it to bounce straight past Horley Town's bewildered goalkeeper and into the net.

The astonished Raynes Park Vale supporter filming the incident can be heard saying: "How on Earth have you done that? You jammy git."

And the goal turned out to be a decisive one, with Raynes Park Vale going on to win the match 3-2 for their first victory in seven games.