Brexit Live: Testing day for May ahead of next Commons vote

Theresa May is facing another testing day in the Commons with the threat of members of her party rebelling against a key Commons vote on her EU withdrawal stance.

Eurosceptic Conservatives could vote against or abstain on the Government’s motion, which Tory critics insist effectively means the Prime Minister is abandoning a no-deal exit option.

Ahead of the main vote, three amendments have been selected which could also hamper the Government’s plans, although these votes are not legally binding.


Commons Speaker John Bercow has selected three amendments for consideration:

– Amendment A, Labour’s proposal to push Theresa May to either put her Brexit deal to a Commons vote by February 27 or give Parliament the opportunity to take control of the process.

– Amendment I, the SNP push to extend the Article 50 period.

– Amendment E, Tory former minister Anna Soubry, joined by colleagues and MPs from other parties, with a proposal for the Government to publish within seven days the most recent official briefing document, relating to business and trade, on the implications of a no-deal Brexit presented to Cabinet.