Mother still missing with son despite judge’s Twitter plea

A woman missing with her three-year-old son has not responded to a High Court judge’s Twitter plea to come home, lawyers say.

Mr Justice Williams appealed nearly two weeks ago to Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, who disappeared with Olly Sheridan in July after becoming embroiled in family court litigation with ex-partner Patrick Sheridan.

The judge, overseeing the case in hearings at the Family Division of the High Court in London, delivered his plea in a tweet posted on the Judicial Office account using the hashtag #comehomeolly.

Lawyers representing Mr Sheridan on Wednesday told the judge that Miss Yarrow-Sanders, who is from Basildon, Essex, and in her mid-20s, had not come forward and Olly was still missing.

Mr Justice Williams, who was analysing legal issues at a further hearing, reiterated his plea.

He said everyone involved wanted Miss Yarrow-Sanders to return and voluntarily take part in proceedings.

Lawyers believe Mr Justice Williams is the first judge to make such use of Twitter.

Miss Yarrow-Sanders’ mother and sister had also urged her to return.

Her mother Donna, 47, and sister Maddie, 22, made a joint plea with Mr Sheridan, who is in his mid-40s, on February 1 and said Olly needed to “come home to his normal life”.

Mr Justice Williams initially raised the alarm about Olly and Miss Yarrow-Sanders at a hearing in December, saying he was gravely concerned for the boy’s welfare.

Miss Yarrow-Sanders disappeared with Olly a few weeks before she was due to give evidence in a “critical” family court hearing, according to lawyers.

Journalists had been barred from identifying anyone involved in the litigation, but Mr Justice Williams lifted the bar in the hope that publicity would help find Olly and Miss Yarrow-Sanders.

He said family members could be named and photographs published.

Essex Police have also urged anyone with information to get in touch.