King the Wire Fox Terrier wins Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, 1 finalist disqualified

We have a new top dog.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has crowned King the Wire Fox Terrier its new Best in Show champion from a field of six finalists that were named the best of their individual categories.

It was the 15th time a Wire Fox Terrier has been named a Best in Show winner at Westminster.

King the Wire Fox Terrier won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (Getty)
King the Wire Fox Terrier won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (Getty)

Meet the 7 group winners

Bean the Sussex Spaniel won for the sporting group.

Wilma the Boxer won for the working group.

King the Wire Fox Terrier won for the terrier group.

Burns the Dachshund won for the hound group.

Bono the Havanese won for the toy group and finished in second place for Best in Show.

Baby Lars the Bouvier des Flandres won for the herding group.

Controversy before final judging

There was drama among finalists that led to six group winners instead of seven competing for Best in Show.

Colton the Schipperke won the non-sporting dog category, but was disqualified from the Best in Show competition after his owner was ruled ineligible for the competition.

Broadcasters noted that there was a conflict of interest between the dog’s exhibitors and the judges. They also noted that this type of disqualification isn’t uncommon on the dog show circuit, but is for a show as prestigious as Westminster.

The Associated Press reported that one of Colton’s owners also co-owned dogs with the longtime partner of Best in Show judge Peter Green.

Colton was introduced on stage with the rest of the finalists, but wasn’t eligible for judging.

Crowd favorites didn’t win

Green’s decision didn’t align with a raucous crowd that cheered the loudest for Bean the Sussex Spaniel and Burns the Dachshund as they made their laps around the stage.

The victory does not come with any prize money, but King will surely be in high demand for breeding. AP reports that this is the 47th Best in Show victory for King.

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