'EastEnders' viewers baffled over 'daytime strippers'

Day strippers on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
Day strippers on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Last night’s EastEnders has called into question the moral fortitude of Albert Square.

Portraying the east end neighbourhood as some kind of bawdy bacchanal, what appeared to be some kind of bungled continuity error found Shirley and Jean entering Walford’s seedy underbelly.

Shirley whisked the shy and retiring Jean to the square’s resident nightclub E20 for what appeared to be a pretty eye-opening hen party.

It came complete with semi-clad, gyrating male strippers, which would be fine were it not the middle of the day, with the market in full throng.

The unlikely juxtaposition did not go unnoticed.

And not only that, for reasons known only to herself and the script writers, Jean also took Hayley’s baby Cherry along with her.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)


As, it seems, was the BBC’s official EastEnders Twitter feed…

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