Hunters claim to have spotted Bigfoot in the foothills of Utah

A strange upright figure has been caught on camera in the foothills of Utah - and eyewitnesses reckon it's Bigfoot himself.

The clip shows a large moving creature ascending the mountainside.

In the video, local hunter Austin Craig says to his friends: "Hey seriously, look how big it is! He's just chilling, I don't think it is a human, I think it's a Sasquatch, because look, he's way far back on the mountain but look how huge he is!"

"We drove way down the hill and look how big that person still is! With my own eyes I can see him perfectly" he continued.

After the sighting, Austin told Newsflare: "Is the modern existence of Bigfoot unlikely? I can absolutely see that. Is Bigfoot impossible? Not even remotely. And it's with that understanding that I feel sightings should be explored."