Meet the woman who sweats 10 times more than average

This is 20-year-old Sophie Dwyer from Houston in Texas.

Sophie suffers from a severe form of hyperhidrosis, which causes her to sweat 10 times more than average.

She has given herself the nickname, 'Sweat Bender', as a play on Uri Gellar being the Spoon Bender. But instead of bending spoons she can make her hands sweat on demand.

Her ailment has its downsides - she has broken computers because of water damage, and she has to drink an average of 5.7 litres of water each day to keep herself hydrated.

Also, simple tasks like driving have proved difficult as her hands slide off the wheel.

And when it gets cold, Sophie suffers more when she sweats as her drenched clothes can actually freeze.

Despite several attempts to cure her condition, nothing appears to make a difference.

Now Sophie has found strength in sharing her disorder with the world, creating an Instagram account where she has embraced her condition.