Adam Levine's tank top leaves Twitter confused

People were a little distracted during Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night.

During the last two songs of the performance, Levine had taken his jacket off to reveal a patterned brown tank top, which he eventually took off during Moves Like Jagger to end the show. To say that people had a lot of opinions about Levine's choice of shirt would be an understatement.

From the second the singer revealed the tank, people took to Twitter to question his fashion decision.

"But like who helped Adam Levine pick out that tank top because they should be fired," one person wrote. "My biggest issue with this half time performance is Adam Levine's tank top..." another said.

"BAN ADAM LEVINE'S TANK TOP" someone tweeted, while another person wondered, "What's more distracting? Adam Levine's necklace or tank top?"

A few people loved the look, with one user writing "Tank top Adam Levine > track suit Adam Levine," alluding to the track suits that Levine often wears as a coach on "The Voice."

It was the pattern that most people found particularly offensive, with Twitter users likening it to their grandmother's furniture.

"Can you play chess on Adam Levine's tank top?" another person asked.

The most important question asked was, "Does Adam Levine's tank top have a Twitter account yet?" It appears that it doesn't.