Warnings issued as snow and ice forecast for most of UK

Up to 10cm of snow could fall on higher ground as temperatures drop across large parts of the UK this week.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued by the Met Office and flurries were reported in Glasgow overnight.

Around 0.4in to 1.2in (1cm-3cm) could accumulate on lower-lying levels, with the possibility of 2in to 4in (5cm-10cm) falling on higher ground, Marco Petagna from the Met Office said.

Four separate yellow weather warnings have been issued which cover most of the UK.

Mr Petagna said London could see snow showers – but added they were unlikely to settle.

Temperatures fell as low as minus 7C (19F) in the Highlands overnight, while the capital was at just about freezing as large parts of the country woke up to frost.

During Tuesday morning, a band of rain will push from west to east which could fall as rain, sleet or snow, particularly at peaks in Wales and northern England and Scotland .

As the day progresses the wintry weather will move across the Midlands and into the south east.

Snow showers could return on Wednesday and there is a risk of further disruptive snow and ice to parts of the country towards the end of the week.

The weather warning for Northern Ireland – running from 5.30am until 10.30am on Tuesday – said ice may form causing potential problems on untreated roads.

The remaining three are for snow and ice, covering the western side of Scotland and into north west England until 12pm; central regions, Wales and the north east between 12pm and 11am on Wednesday, and the south east, East Anglia and London from 9pm on Tuesday until 12pm on Wednesday.