Schoolchildren treated in hospital after bus crashes into bridge

Up to 10 schoolchildren have been taken to hospital after the bus they were travelling on crashed into a bridge.

Police in Dublin are now investigating the incident which happened at around 10.45am on Tuesday.

The bus was taking the children on a trip when it crashed into a bridge on the Blakestown Road, in Mulhuddart.

School bus crash in Blanchardstown
School bus crash in Blanchardstown

A spokesman for the gardai (Irish police) described the incident as a minor collision.

He added: “A number of schoolchildren, approximately 10, on board the bus were taken to hospital with what is described as minor injuries.

“Investigations are continuing.”

Three fire engines and three ambulances from Blanchardstown and Phibsborough stations attended the scene.

The students were all from Blakestown Community School.

The principal, Eileen O’Connor, said “This morning a number of our students were on the bus on a school trip when the bus, on which they were travelling, was involved in an accident.

“The emergency services responded and thankfully there are no serious injuries, however a small number of students were taken by ambulance to hospital for further medical attention.

“All the parents were contacted and the school implemented the school critical incident management plan. The care and the wellbeing of our students and our teachers was the main priority this morning and continues to be.

“I am very thankful to the emergency services, the school staff and students and the parents and members of the local community for their support and assistance this morning.

“We are delighted there were no serious injuries.”

A number of local residents said there have been a lot of accidents involving buses and lorries that have crashed into the bridge, which measures 2.6 metres in height, over the years.

A local businessman, who did not want to be named, said: “The children seemed very shocked and shaken, I think I could see the first half of the bus under the bridge and the roof was also damaged.

“There was lots of gardai and paramedics about. There has been many drivers getting struck under the bridge, lorries and buses sometimes don’t realise how low it is and get stuck.”

A woman who lives beside the bridge said she heard a bang as the bus struck the bridge.

She added: “It happens all the time, though I didn’t realise the bus was filled with schoolchildren. I don’t usually pay attention to the bridge accidents because it happens that often.”