How to defrost your car windows and other helpful hacks ahead of the snow

Look no further for top tips on how to defrost your car window this winter [Photo: Getty]

Our hopes of a white Christmas may have fallen short but this week’s weather reports warn of heavy snowfall, with up to 10cm worth expected to lay across the UK tonight and tomorrow.

So as temperatures plunge and a frosty London gears up for tube delays, how can we make sure the morning commute is as painless as possible?

Look no further for simple hacks guaranteed to defrost your car in a mere matter of minutes.

Because who said you needed to sacrifice those precious ten minutes under the duvet?

Use a tupperware container to remove ice from your car window

So you’ve woken up to a frosting of snow on your car window and surprise, surprise – you’ve not seen your ice scraper since last winter.

But there’s no need to fear, as one Reddit user recently shared a brilliant de-icing hack and all it requires is one of your lunch boxes.

In the demonstration video, he can be seen scraping off every last bit of ice from his windscreen within a sheer matter of minutes with just a plastic container to hand.

If you’re running against the clock to beat rush hour, a credit card should do the trick too.

Defog your car windows using shaving foam

When tracking down hacks online, a number of people swear by shaving foam when it comes to combatting pesky winter fog.

Apply a smooth layer of shaving cream to the inside of your windshield and car windows before swiftly wiping off.

To prevent a frosty car in the first place, cover your windscreen in cardboard overnight [Photo: Getty]

Apparently, the bath must-have contains many of the same chemicals as anti-fog products – a handy budget alternative.

Don’t use boiling water to defrost your car windows

Hands up, who’s guilty of pouring a kettle’s worth of boiling water over your car windscreen in a bid to defrost it?

With the risk of cracking the glass, lukewarm H20 is a much more sensible alternative.

Once the snow has turned to slush, simply wipe away with an ice scraper (or tupperware box of course).

Up your water game

If water isn’t enough to de-ice your car window then it’s time to up your game.

According to the Metro, meteorologist Ken Weathers recommends mixing 1/3 water and 2/3 alcohol to produce your own deicer.

We recommend premixing ahead of tomorrow’s work commute…

Use hand sanitiser to unlock your car door

If your car door is jammed due to the wintry temperatures, try slathering hand sanitiser on both the lock and key.

The alcohol in the everyday product should help to melt any stubborn ice.

Hand sanitiser should help to melt any stubborn ice [Photo: Getty]
Hand sanitiser should help to melt any stubborn ice [Photo: Getty]

Use socks to prevent windscreen wipers from freezing

In order to prevent your car’s windscreen wipers from sticking to the window, prop them upright the night before.

Then, place an old sock over each blade to prevent ice build-up from occurring overnight.

Wrap your car mirrors in old shopping bags

If you don’t have the luxury of parking your car in a garage overnight, wrapping your car mirrors in plastic bags will prevent them from becoming laden with ice or snow.

To secure them in place, simply use elastic bands and remove come morning.

Cover your windscreen with cardboard overnight

To prevent having to de-ice your car window in the morning, make sure to cover it with a piece of cardboard or even a towel to prevent ice from forming.

Nothing beats the joy of a frost-free window on a Monday morning.

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