Kate Beckinsale hospitalised after ovarian cyst exploded

British actress Kate Beckinsale has been hospitalised after an ovarian cyst exploded inside her.

"Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry," the Hollywood star wrote on Instagram. "So thankful to everyone who looked after me #wobbly."

The actress has received thousands of comments below the image with stars including Courtney Love and Natalie Imbruglia offering her messages of support.

Beckinsale replied to one of the comments, saying she posted the photo so a paparazzi who took her picture on her way out of the hospital wouldn't get the exclusive.

"I would not have posted it if we had not noticed someone in a car taking a photo of me leaving the hospital in a wheelchair," she said.

"I have Instagram largely to have my own honest narrative and not have to always be ambushed by stories that come out that are invented. I'd prefer to say what happened than endure speculation and so I chose to share.

"It's not normal to be photographed in vulnerable situations by people you don't know."

Beckinsale ended the comment thanking everyone for their kind messagings: "Thank you so much to everyone who has wished me well and lots of love to the girls here who have been through similar or worse."​