Truck sideswipes car, sending it spinning across lanes on the A2 in Kent

This is the moment a large truck veers into a car on a busy road in southeast England, sending it spinning dangerously across two lanes.

Dashcam footage captured on Thursday shows two HGVs travelling on the A2 in the Northfleet area of Kent. The two HGVs are flanking a sliver-grey Vauxhall Corsa. The HGV on the left undertakes the Corsa. The HGV on the right indicates that it is going into the left lane and sideswipes the Corsa, sending it spinning into the central reservation and into the path of oncoming vehicles.

The car then spins out of control across the motorway and dangerously in the path of oncoming vehicles before hitting the central reserve. Remarkably the Corsa driver seems to regain control of the car and manages to get it facing in the right direction before maneuvering to the hard shoulder, with the help of the dashcam vehicle driver.

The Corsa driver seemed to be fine, although in shock, the dashcam driver said. It is not known whether or not the HGV causing the crash stopped further down the road to report the incident.