Re-enactment of 1993 murder of Michael Ferguson amid fresh witness appeal


A re-enactment has been staged of the murder of a police officer in Londonderry 26 years ago amid a fresh appeal for information.

Constable Michael Ferguson was just 21 when he was shot dead by the IRA while attending a call about a theft from a shop on Shipquay Street on Saturday January 23, 1993.

Detectives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Legacy Investigation Branch say they believe they are close to finding those responsible.

Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson

A re-enactment of the murder was staged on Shipquay Street on Sunday morning in an attempt to help jog the memories of local people.

Detective Inspector Conor Sweeney, the senior investigating officer, said his team believed Pc Ferguson was killed by a lone gunman.

He said: “Michael, along with two colleagues, were attending a call to the Richmond Centre at around 2pm.

“Michael remained on the street when his two colleagues entered the shopping centre.

“A lone gunman approached Michael from behind and shot him twice in the back of the head.”

Suspect in the murder of Constable Michael Ferguson
Suspect in the murder of Constable Michael Ferguson

The gunman is believed to have fled on foot along Shipquay Street before entering Castle Street, in the direction of the Bogside.

“We are following a number of definite lines of inquiry and I believe we are extremely close to progressing criminal justice action against Michael’s killers,” Mr Sweeney added.

“My appeal is aimed at the local people of Derry/Londonderry who were in Shipquay Street on the day Michael was murdered.

“The gunman did not have his face covered and was wearing a distinctive green jacket. I believe that someone knows who this gunman was.”

Michael Ferguson murder
Michael Ferguson murder

He urged people to “stop and think” about the murder.

“In the years since Michael’s murder, circumstances and allegiances may have changed, people’s lifestyles change, and I want those who know who was involved that day to search their consciences and come forward to the police,” he said.

“I am aware that time has passed since the murder but it is not too late, if anyone now feels they are able to talk to us, we are ready to listen.

Constable Michael Ferguson murder – Detectives renew appeal 26 years on.

— PSNI (@PoliceServiceNI) January 19, 2019

“To those involved, I would appeal to them to do the right thing and make a difference to Michael’s family. They will no longer have to live with the worry that some day soon police are going to knock on their door.”

Anyone with information can contact detectives on 101 or by emailing