Joseph Baena recreates dad Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous Mr Olympia body building pose

Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Instagram/Getty)
Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Instagram/Getty)

Joseph Baena appears to be taking his dad’s route to stardom.

The 21-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger was snapped at an LA gym yesterday throwing some recognisable body building shapes.

Busting out some short shorts, he’s recreated the same pose that Arnie sculpted after he became Mr Olympia for the sixth time in a row in 1975.

Arnold won the title seven times in all.

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Just a lil thicc

A post shared by Joseph Baena (@projoe2) on Jan 13, 2019 at 2:23pm PST

Baena is the son that the Austrian Oak had with his former housekeeper Mildred Baena, while still married to Maria Shriver.

The revelation ended Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s marriage.

In July, Baean, who often posts about his work out schedule, posed outside the famous Gold’s Gym, to celebrate his dad’s 71st birthday, captioning: “Happy Birthday to the man that’s always pumped! Love you dad.”

Schwarzenegger’s eldest son Patrick, 25, is also following his dad into gym as well as the movies.

“Patrick, he works out every day, but he doesn’t want to get too big because of the acting, because he’s being sought after now for romantic roles, not action roles,” said Schwarzenegger last year.

“But eventually, when he gets to be like 30, 35, he will go get bigger and then do more action movies. But I love seeing [my sons] work out and being into it. It’s a great feeling.”

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