Robber sets fire to his trousers during roof-top stand-off

Staff writer

Shocking body-cam footage captured the moment a robber hurled slates at police officers and set fire to his TROUSERS during an hour-long rooftop standoff.

Sam Nicholas Allan, 30, was caught on camera bizarrely waving his flaming trousers around his head while laughing after he had robbed a pub on February 4 last year.

He escaped onto the roof of a newsagents after he had struck at The Mill Tavern, in Flint, North Wales, as police were called to the scene at around 12.40am.

Body-cam footage shows him standing bare-chested in the freezing cold throwing roof slates at a group of ten officers.

He then took off his trousers, set them alight and started waving them around while shouting "watch what happens now" - before finally being arrested around 1am in the morning.

According to North Wales Live Judge Rhys Rowlands Rogers said: "Allan gained access to the property through the roof, officers forced entry and when he realised they had a Taser he allowed himself to be arrested."

When interviewed the following day he claimed to have been with his girlfriend all day, and said he had not been in Flint since October the previous year.

He also claimed to have climbed to the roof after a row with his girlfriend.

Allen said he was scared of the police, and denied throwing slates and said his foot got caught in the slates.

However, he was fingered as the robber when his DNA was found on one of the bottles at the pub.