Prince Philip crashed into my car in 1987, caller tells LBC

This is the remarkable moment a caller told James O'Brien how he was involved in a car crash with Prince Philip over 30 years ago.

The Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a car crash at Sandringham yesterday, in which his Land Rover was flipped over after colliding with a Kia people carrier.

O'Brien was asking for listeners' stories of elderly drivers, when Nicholas phoned up to talk about having to call the DVLA to get his own father's driving license taken away as he didn't feel he was safe to be behind the wheel.

But after telling that story, he suddenly introduced a new element to his call - that he was once involved in a car accident with Prince Philip.

Nicholas explained: "I've got another bit of skin in this game. The Duke of Edinburgh nearly killed me in an RTA about 30 years ago.

"It was the second or third week of August in 1987 at around 6 o'clock. I was driving north on the A93 between Blairgowrie and Spittal of Glenshee and he came down the road, driving right down the middle of the road, chatting to ex-King Constantine of Greece. He wasn't concentrating.

"He crossed the white line and came right at us. Me and my passenger thought that our last seconds had come.

"I had to swerve out the way, knocked the wing mirror off, lost a quarter-bumper and a couple of wheel trims.

"The car following, which I assume was Special Branch guys, they did slow down a bit, but he didn't, he just pressed on.

"We stopped the car and were really shaken up.

"We turned around and saw their brake lights come on. I got out the car, so they must have thought 'Oh he's alright' and they just pressed on."

Nicholas added that he didn't report the incident at the time.