A winter remedy to soothe sinus pain

Stuck with a cold and a sore nose? Just follow these steps to create a natural sinus soothing brew to help speed up your recovery.

As temperatures across Britain plunge, many will be feeling the effects of those long winter nights and the sharp chills, as colds, aches and flu begin to bite.

While over the counter drugs are a shortcut to alleviating the symptoms for a few hours - we have some home-made remedies that you can take throughout the day to help keep you going and will shore-up your immune system.

Orange has vitamin c boosting properties while honey helps to soothe, but a little-know and highly effective ingredient is ginger powder.

Mixing ginger with hot water can not only help with the worst effects of sore throats and bunged up noses, it's also packed with natural goodness that can give your immune system a much-needed shot in the arm.