Woman claims to have 75-year-old light bulb

Staff writer

A woman reckons she's got one of the oldest light bulbs in the country after her mum bought it from Woolworths - 75 years ago.

The 40-watt wonder was purchased from Woolworths in 1943 and it is still in working order - despite surviving their house being bombed during Second World War.

Valerie Beaney was surprised to find it still worked when she switched it on to mark the tenth anniversary of the closure of the beloved high street favourite.

Unlike most other long-lived bulbs, which are rarely turned off, Valerie's antique had led an illuminating life - and been plugged into to everything from big lights to lamps.

Her mother Rose Allen purchased the bulb more than seven decades ago from Walthamstow high street in East London and gave birth to Valerie's sister Elaine under its glow.

The 78-year-old told Sky News: The grandmother said: "In the Second World War we lived in London and there was a curfew on showing lights. Dad, in his wisdom, painted the bulb dark blue to alleviate the problem of the warden coming round.

"They got bombed out and moved to Pluckley... they took the bulb with them and my dad scraped the blue off. I have often wondered should it go in the Guinness Book of Records."