Scottish Labour defends ‘Vision for Scotland’ video partially filmed in Wales

The Scottish Labour party has defended itself after viewers noticed a promotional video was partially filmed in Wales.

Featuring Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, the video posted on Wednesday lays out the party’s “vision for Scotland” and includes shots of Scottish families and picturesque scenery.

Soon, however, Twitter users noticed that mountains featured in the clip are actually in Snowdonia.

Twitter users said one of the mountains depicted is Tryfan Mountain from Snowdonia National Park.

While the mountain is on screen, Mr Leonard can be heard saying: “Labour’s vision for Scotland, our vision for the UK, is one where we support each other instead of a race to the bottom.”

Twitter user Sarah Mackie, said: “Labour’s Scottish Branch Office doing a *wonderful* job of showcasing Scotland’s fabulous landscape in their latest PPB.

“Oh, wait…that’s actually Snowdonia. In Wales.”

The party has defended the video, stating it was shot on locations across the UK, including in Edinburgh and Glasgow, to reflect the fact that Labour is a UK-wide party.

A spokesperson for Scottish Labour said: “As Richard states in the film, this is our vision for Scotland and for the whole of the UK, because the urgent need to get rid of the Tories and elect a Labour government that will end austerity doesn’t stop at the border with England.”

In the video, Mr Leonard says: “In the face of austerity the people of Scotland are being let down by the Tories and the Scottish government too… We can change our country for the better.

“Labour will rebuild Scotland, we will rebuild Britain for the many not the few.”

Twitter user @Slimshady1961 responded: “Looks like you’re not so much ‘changing our country for the better’ as changing it for Wales.”