The highly customisable Rolls-Royce Phantom drives growth for luxury brand

Described as a 'tranquil sanctuary for world-shapers' Rolls-Royce's iconic Phantom model has been given a thoroughly modern update.

With an interior that oozes class and quality, the Phantom also claims to be the the 'quietest Rolls-Royce ever created for those who value the luxury of silence'.

One of the thoroughly modern new features is 'The Gallery' a singular glass panel, behind which the fascia is transformed into a bespoke, three-dimensional work of art.

This opportunity to tailor aspects of a new Phatnom to your tastes in proving particular popular with the mega rich. More than 90 percent of all Rolls-Royces are customised to such extent that they could be considered one-offs.

One of the most notable bespoke options on the Phantom is the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet ornament, which can be made from various materials, another is the starlight headliner which can be designed to have specific constellations.

Rolls Royce has recently reported record sales driven by new Phantom, the BMW-owned company sold a total of 4,107 vehicles, a rise of 5% on its previous record in 2014.

Rolls-Royce chief executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös told the BBC: "We are in the luxury goods business. We have clients who have multiple cars in their garages, nobody needs a Rolls-Royce to get from A to B.

"You are commissioning a piece of art when you commission a Rolls-Royce."

The new Phantom, which came on the market at the beginning of 2018, was not the best-selling model but it was the "growth driver" said Mr Müller-Ötvös. The Ghost was the top-selling model.

Overall, sales of Rolls-Royce vehicles were up 20% compared with 2017.