Colin Farrell reveals how he found happiness

Actor Colin Farrell says he is finally content.

Speaking in Dublin, Farrell, 42, said the "meteoric rise" to stardom he enjoyed early in his career was unsustainable and would inevitably have to end.

He added that after appearing in the movie flop Alexander, Farrell said he read every negative review of the film available and obsessed over its criticism.

"I have read copious amount of negative press about myself, my life lives majority in positivity, so I try to avoid it.

"Alexander was a huge film, a bunch of Irish lads playing big roles and we all thought we were all off to Hollywood, and the film didn't work.

"It was an extraordinary box office flop, I set myself up for a fall, I remember saying; 'If this fails, I'm in trouble, because I put everything in this film'.

"I went to a ski resort immediately after so I could wear a ski mask everyday and not be arrested.

"I'd had such a grand six or seven years, a meteoric rise, but I didn't make that, Hollywood made that, it's just about the hype.

"I needed that lesson, and that humility, I felt like I let everyone down, I took it very personally, I wanted to apologise to everyone I met for six months. As a 23-year-old, of course it affected me.

'I can't reiterate enough, I have lived a very blessed life, such great fortune and two extraordinary kids and a great family, deep friendships and a job that I'm passionate about,' he said.

"Success is such a relative term, I don't wake up thinking I've made it, and fame doesn't give you happiness.

"Having said all that I'm a human being, I have ups and downs, at 42 the process of my life seems to be in learning the significance of your life as an individual and we're here for such a short time, I mean, Jesus, the show is nearly over.

"Let's push away from the harbour and get this show on the road, live in less and less fear and not care as much.

"It's important to care what each other think, it's a form of social moderation, but we don't have to do things for the sole purpose of being liked."