Billboard collapses, crushes motorcyclist beneath it in southwest China

This dashcam footage captures the moment a billboard toppled over in Sichuan, a province located in China's southwest, falling on top of a motorcyclist and briefly trapping her underneath.

According to local media, the incident took place at around 8:30 am on the rainy morning on December 28.

The footage was taken from a bus that driver Zhang Jianwei was in at the moment of the incident.

When it happened, he and other riders on the bus got off and rushed to the motorcyclist. They lifted the billboard and made sure the woman was alright before driving off.

Zhang has been hailed a local hero since, lauded for his quick thinking and bravery, but says he feels the praise is unwarranted.

"It was all very instinctive. When you see a billboard collapse and trap a person underneath it, your first thought is to help," he said.

The driver also acknowledged the help of the passengers on his bus. "The minute I said we should go and help, everyone sprang to action," he added. The motorcyclist did not suffer any major injuries from the accident.