Royal baby gets a hilarious welcome from all the late night TV hosts

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Baby Boy
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Baby Boy

It was a royal affair Monday night, as all the late night American TV hosts cracked jokes about the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby boy who was born early Monday morning.

Jimmy Kimmel did a spoof of the palace's royal baby announcement in which a pretend guard announced the birth: "Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, wife of Harry, Duke of Sussex, son of Prince Charles, grandson of Her Majesty the Queen, did indeed pop a little squirt out of her baby-maker. Hip hip cheerio!".

Kimmel wasn't the only Jimmy to get in on the action. Jimmy Fallon also joked about the royal arrival. "The minute he was born, he looked at his parents and said, "Hey, it's Ed Sheeran and the lady from Suits".

Fans of the royal couple joked on Twitter that Prince Harry thanked the horses behind him after making the baby announcement. The late night guys got in on the horsing around too. "He thanked the horses," Stephen Colbert joked. "I assume they assisted with the delivery."

"This is such an exciting moment for them," Trevor Noah said. "And, also, for those two horse doctors who apparently delivered the baby."

"While there's still no news on baby names, we do know that Prince Harry and Meghan's baby will be a lord and his birth makes him 7th in line to the throne, right behind Arya Stark.

Fallon joked: "I read that the new baby is 7th in line for the throne, the only way he'll be king is if the Kentucky derby judges disqualify everyone else."