Two women and baby killed in Iceland bridge crash


Two British women and a baby were killed when the 4×4 they were travelling in crashed off a bridge in Iceland, police said.

The vehicle was carrying two brothers who were touring the country with their families, including two children aged seven and nine. All four were seriously injured.

Icelandic police said the women were born in 1979 and 1980 and the child in 2018.

The cause of Thursday’s accident is not yet known, but in a statement on Friday police said the Toyota Land Cruiser “seems to have turned on the bridge with the result that it went on top of the railing of the bridge, to the right, following it for a short distance and then turned over off the rail and the bridge.

“There, the car fell down on the ground beneath the bridge.”

The crash happened on the 200m-300m (656ft-984ft) bridge on the national Route 1 road near Skeidararsandur, a vast sand plain in southern Iceland.