Three British tourists die in Iceland bridge crash

Three British tourists, including a child, have died after the 4×4 they were in crashed off a bridge in Iceland.

The accident happened at around 9.30am on Thursday when the Toyota Land Cruiser crashed through a railing on a one-lane bridge in the south of the country before falling around eight metres onto a river bank.

Police said one child was among the dead and two among the injured.

Chief Superintendent of south Iceland Police Sveinn Kristjan Runarsso said the four injured have been taken to hospital with serious injuries, but added that “we haven’t been able to talk to them about what happened”.

Tour guide Adolf Erlingsson, who was among the first on the scene, told the Associated Press: “It was horrible. The car seemed to have hit the ground many metres from where it stopped. We struggled getting everyone out.”

It is unclear how the driver lost control of the vehicle.