Killer elephant in India is finally captured


Residents of the Indian city of Coimbatore can now rest easy after local officials captured the source of their worries. A killer elephant.

Known to locals as Vinayaga, the wild animal had been causing chaos for six months, claiming the lives of four people - including one forest official - and raiding crops.

Forest officials spent five hours trying to sedate the animal and secure it for transport with the help of 'kumkis' - or tamed elephants - seen in the video above nudging Vinayaga onto the back of the truck.

The elephant will be kept under observation at the Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary before being moved to a more suitable habitat where it is hoped he may find a mate.

Elephant attacks have grown more common in the country. Forest officials blame the mammal's growing familiarity with humans, as well as a rapidly diminishing forest area.