May to meet Polish counterpart for defence and security talks

Theresa May will welcome her Polish counterpart to Downing Street as she attempts to reassure migrants from the country they will remain welcome in the UK after Brexit.

The Prime Minister and Mateusz Morawiecki will discuss defence and security links against the backdrop of concerns about Russia’s activities.

And ahead of the visit Mrs May praised the contribution made by Poles living in Britain and told them “you can stay, and we want you to stay”.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

The visit, for the third annual UK-Poland inter-government consultation, comes as Mrs May seeks to win support from European Union leaders for further reassurances over the Brexit deal.

In her message to Polish expats she said: “Almost one million Poles make their lives in Britain – the largest diaspora in the UK.

“I value the contribution the Polish community makes to our economy and our society, and am committed to ensuring the UK remains a welcoming place for Poles to live, work and study.

“Today is an opportunity to repeat my message to Polish people – you can stay, and we want you to stay.”

Mrs May and senior Cabinet colleagues will meet Polish counterparts to discuss defence, security and prosperity post-Brexit.

The Prime Minister said: “Poland is one of our closest friends and allies. This partnership works for both our nations, making us safer, more prosperous and more secure.

“Throughout history, UK and Poland have stood side by side.

“We share an unwavering commitment to supporting a stable and peaceful Europe, but are also clear-eyed in recognising the threats we face and the required response.

“Today’s talks will agree ambitious steps that build on the landmark joint defence and security treaty we signed in Warsaw last year, and set a course for further collaboration in the years ahead.”