DUP calls for more clarity from PM over EU concessions


DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has called for clarity about what concessions the Prime Minister is seeking from the EU.

The Northern Irish party’s 10 MPs are adamantly opposed to the inclusion of any backstop in the withdrawal treaty because they believe it could separate the country from the rest of the UK.

Mr Dodds said: “There is a need for clarity from the Prime Minister about exactly what she is asking for to deal with the key concerns about the legally binding indefinite nature of the backstop with no right for the United Kingdom to exit on its own terms.

“The EU’s response to the summit was not surprising, but the Prime Minister must decide whether she will stand up to such tactics or once again accept a deal on Europe’s terms alone.”

He made the call following a statement from the Prime Minister to Parliament.

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The North Belfast MP said: “Following the summit last week the European Council have talked about clarifications and reassurances but ruled out renegotiating, contradicting or reopening the legal text.

“They also even struck out text which stated the backstop didn’t represent a desirable outcome for the EU27.”

The DUP is threatening to vote down the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan unless there is significant change.

The backstop is an insurance policy if no better trade deal is struck, designed to preserve a frictionless Irish border.

It would keep Northern Ireland bound by some of the EU’s regulations in exchange for an open frontier.