Hailey Baldwin opts for drastic hairstlyle change

The newly married Hailey Baldwin, 22, who recently changed her last name to Bieber on Instagram, posted a photo showing that she chopped off her collarbone-grazing blonde hair into a blunt bob. The star showed off the new look — the work of hairstylist Melissa Parizot of Cutler Salon in New York City — with a selfie using the heart eyes Instagram filter.

"Chopped", she simply labelled the photo.

Parizot said that she removed about five inches, which put the model's hair, all one length, just past her chin, as per Baldwin's request. She was inspired to go short because she hasn't cut her hair in about a year.

"Lately she's been pulling [it] up back in a bun and wanted something new that looked fuller down! She was in the mood for change and super ready for the new look!" Parizot says.

The stylist added that Baldwin is "loving the new look" and "couldn't stop playing with it in the salon. She's excited to style her hair down and wear it in new ways."

According to Parizot, the new style is Baldwin's vibe in a nutshell: "glamorous but laid back ... If she styles it straight, it will look very chic, and if she wears it with a bend, it will have a very effortless vibe."

Hailey Baldwin Bieber on Instagram new haircut
Hailey Baldwin Bieber on Instagram new haircut

As for Baldwin's new husband Justin Bieber's opinion of the change? Parizot says, "She did not mention his opinions about her hair, but I'd imagine he will love it just as much as she does because she has had shorter hair before!"

Baldwin juxtaposed the short hairdo with an elaborate blowout for a W Magazine photoshoot, which she posted on her Instagram story beforehand.

Baldwin's blonde mane was last on display when she was seen getting a piggyback ride from Bieber, 24, in a park earlier this month. A source later confirmed that the sweet moment was actually being photographed for Vogue, which the newlyweds will cover in the near future.

"It was the first photoshoot of them together as a married couple. It will be the cover of Vogue", the Bieber source said. "They wanted to do the cover as a celebration of their love."

The insider added that the couple will also do an interview because "they want to share with everyone how happy they are, how they make their marriage work and their plans for the future."

A photographer at the shoot also revealed some details, saying, "The shoot was all day. Both Justin and Hailey were super into taking the pictures. They did multiple outfit changes. Hailey looked so gorgeous, and Justin looked very happy. It was a fun and playful shoot. She was doing cartwheels, and they were both laughing a lot."

For the shoot, Baldwin wore a breezy sundress, while Bieber dressed in a simple pair of blue jeans. After a quick wardrobe change, the happy couple posed for more photos — Baldwin this time in a black and white polka-dotted bikini and coverup. Biebs, meanwhile, opted for a matching pair of loose-fitting bottoms.