Passengers asked to push tram after it gets stuck

Rush-hour commuters were asked to push a busy tram after it was unable to move.

The bizarre incident happened on Greater Manchester's Metrolink network on Tuesday morning.

Several passengers on the platform at Brooklands tram stop in Sale were filmed pushing the side of a stationary tram which was full of people.

They stopped after a member of staff said "thank you very much everyone" over a public address system.

One passenger, who asked not to be named, said the tram was stuck at the stop for about five minutes.

He told the Press Association that the problem with the "very busy tram" started when the driver struggled to shut the doors.

"When they finally shut he couldn't get the tram going, so he called over the tannoy for people to push the train so it started.

"I thought it was nice (of) people help, but also kind of sad that this is our transport system. I don't want the driver to get in trouble."

He said the pushing lasted for about 10 seconds.

"I feel for the drivers," he added. "It's a pretty badly run service."