What the papers say – December 2

The ongoing challenges to Theresa May’s Brexit deal continue to make headlines on Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the Democratic Unionist Party is to join with Labour and other opposition parties in a bid to force the Government to publish its legal advice on Brexit.

The move could delay the crucial vote on the Prime Minister’s plan, the paper adds.

According to The Sunday Times, leaked details of the Attorney General’s legal advice suggest Britain would be trapped “indefinitely” in a customs union with Brussels if MPs back Mrs May’s deal.

Meanwhile, The Observer reports that key figures in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are urging Labour to prepare for a possible second Brexit referendum if the PM’s deal is defeated and the party cannot force a general election.

The Independent leads on a survey which found the majority of the public believed a televised debate between Mrs May and Mr Corbyn should include proponents of a second referendum and a no-deal scenario.

And the Sunday Express says senior figures have told the paper that Britain will be unable to make trade agreements with the rest of the world unless MPs back Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

In other news, the Mail on Sunday leads on a report that a Russian journalist was monitored for “suspicious behaviour” close to a British military base.

And the Sunday Mirror carries claims that a victim of the Telford abuse scandal was ordered to let her alleged rapist see her child.