Theresa May hit by new Brexit resignation

Theresa May’s hopes of winning backing for her Brexit deal have suffered a fresh blow as universities and science minister Sam Gyimah announced he was quitting.

In an article for The Daily Telegraph, Mr Gyimah said he could not support the “naive” agreement with Brussels which was “not in the national interest”.

Mr Gyimah, who campaigned for Remain in the referendum, is the seventh minister to resign from the Government since Mrs May unveiled the draft Withdrawal Agreement.

His departure underlines the uphill task the Prime Minister faces if she is to win the crunch vote in the Commons on the deal on December 11.

In his article, Mr Gyimah said that if MPs were to support the agreement it would “set ourselves up for failure” by surrendering “our voice, our vote and our veto”.

Universities minister Sam Gyimah
Universities minister Sam Gyimah

“Britain will end up worse off, transformed from rule makers into rule takers.

“It is a democratic deficit and a loss of sovereignty the public will rightly never accept,” he said