Christmas scams to avoid

Christmas crime

During the Christmas season, emotions are generally running high. Time seems to move faster, money may be tight and distractions multiply.

Using a browser exclusively for online shopping on top of ensuring your software is up to date and that you've installed internet security like SuperSafe Boost is a great start to protecting yourself this Christmas. But even if you shop smart, practice strong password security and stick to official app stores, you can still fall victim to the scammers.

If you only remember one thing to keep you safe during the Christmas shopping season, let it be:

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Think of this as the Golden Rule of Online Scams. The FBI warns consumers to be on the lookout for these schemes that are particularly potent during the festive season because we all occasionally forget the Golden Rule.

Online shopping scams

- Stick to retailers you know and shop directly through their app or site.

- Don't click on links or attachments in any spam emails, or you could end up with ransomware.

- Check any link in any email by hovering over it to preview the link to make sure you're being sent to an official site and not a phishing scam.

Gift card scams

- Beware of strangers and even friends on social media offering "gift cards or vouchers" in exchange for taking a survey or filling out other forms.

- Avoid buying gift cards, especially when offered randomly to you via a phone call.

- iTunes gift card scams are extremely common and Apple reminds you never to share the numbers on the back of your iTunes gift cards.

Work-from-home scams

Most of us would love extra money during Christmas and these scams prey upon that need. Often scammers ask for money up front in exchange for money-making opportunities in the future. This almost always signals that you are dealing with a fraudster. Google all individuals, companies or "opportunities" before providing any with your personal information.

If there is one thing you do before you start your online shopping this Christmas. it's to install proper online security like SuperSafe Boost. Without it you leave yourself open to a whole host of scams and threats.


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