Residents mock local council's Christmas tree labelling it 'Britain's worst'

A town council whose Christmas tree was called the worst in Britain by its residents is insisting the tree isn't fully grown.

The people of Tyldesley in Greater Manchester were dismayed when a flimsy-looking conifer recently arrived in the town centre. It was decorated with five ornaments and had a mediocre star on top.

The sorry-looking tree caused residents to take to Twitter to vent their frustrations. One user wrote "Tyldesley's tree is a laughing stock." While another wrote: "If there's a worse one in the country I'll sit on the top myself."

However, Wigan Council, who set up the pathetic-looking plant, came to its defence, describing it as a 'living tree'.

Stephen Hellier, councillor for the local ward, told Manchester Live: "We are working together as a community in Tyldesley to make the town centre look festive and welcoming to residents and visitors.

"The tree is a living tree and yet to grow to its full height. We will be decorating it later this week and we are looking forward to welcoming the people of Tyldesley to a successful switch-on event on December 1."