Glasgow signs up to global push to halt HIV spread

Glasgow is to become the first Scottish city to join a major global initiative aimed at halting the spread of HIV.

Council leaders are to sign up to the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities Ending the AIDS Epidemic – a move which will commit the city to working to end new cases of HIV infections by 2030.

In addition to this Glasgow City Council will also pledge to work against HIV related stigma and discrimination and to improve the quality of life of people living with the virus.

The announcement comes ahead of World Aids Day, which takes place on Saturday December 1.

Nathan Sparling, the interim chief executive of the charity HIV Scotland, welcomed Glasgow’s commitment.

He stated: “This shows that Glasgow City Council is committed to reducing HIV stigma, and completely eradicating HIV transmission in the city by 2030.

“This is an ambitious, but achievable target, that requires all partners to work together to implement the Fast-Track Cities initiative.

“People living with HIV who are on effective treatment can live a long and healthy life, and most importantly can’t pass HIV on to others.

“We need to ensure testing is easily accessible to all so that those who do not know they are HIV positive can access care and treatment.”