What the papers say – November 28

Brexit takes a bit of a back seat in Wednesday’s papers with boardroom pay, climate change and the royal family featuring on the fronts.

The Times leads with a “new care scandal”, with a woman alleging Rotherham council gave her abuser the opportunity to meet her son. The paper reports serial rapist Arshid Hussain was contacted by social workers in prison “to give him the chance to stake a claim in the boy’s future”.

The Daily Telegraph leads on Brexit, saying “backpedalling” has begun and reporting that Theresa May will block the publication of the legal advice behind her Brexit deal.

The Guardian says customers of Britain’s largest companies could be given the right to vote on executive pay under proposals being considered by Labour.

The Financial Times runs with potential changes to rules on corporate structures blamed for “facilitating money laundering on an industrial scale”.

And the Metro carries a story from an inquest into a trapped toddler, with a Pcso telling the court of the moment she tried to rescue two-year-old Kiara Moore.

The i says that tech giants are “in the dock” – as an inquiry into fake news begins in the UK, Uber is fined for failing to protect customers’ data and Google faces a data protection complaint.

The Independent runs with climate change and a UN report suggesting countries have just over a decade to avert “disastrous global warming”.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reports on Harry and Meghan’s new home, with the paper saying security at the property could cost £5 million.

And The Sun reports that Meghan “made Kate cry” over demands for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail runs with a poll on Brexit which suggests people think Theresa May’s deal is the best one on offer.

The Daily Express also runs with the story from Rotherham, calling it a “monstrous decision”.

And the Daily Star leads on a plotline from Coronation Street.