Free Sally!: Corrie fans threaten to boycott the soap over distressing storyline

Free Sally? Fans are irate that the Corrie legend is behind bars. (ITV Pictures)
Free Sally? Fans are irate that the Corrie legend is behind bars. (ITV Pictures)

Coronation Street viewers were left stunned on Monday evening, when soap stalwart Sally Metcalfe played by Sally Dynevor, was served a shocking prison sentence.

Metcalfe was found guilty of fraud, money laundering and bribery. Sally, who first appeared on the soap in 1986, was tricked while serving as Mayor of Weatherfield into handing a council grant to the devious Duncan, believing him to be running a charity.

Now she is paying the ultimate price for his deception, and Corrie fans are none too happy about it. Echoing the infamous ‘Free Deirdre’ campaign of 1998 when Deirdre Barlow was wrongly imprisoned for fraud, many viewers have criticised the shocking storyline and others are demanding ‘Free Deirdre!’

One asked Corrie if it ‘had lost the plot?’ and demanded Sally’s exoneration immediately.

While another called the entire storyline ‘a joke.’

Several even threatened to boycott the soap all together until the soap character was released from prison.

And a few even called for ‘Free Sally’ T-shirts to be made.

Many couldn’t help but reference the infamous ‘Free Deirdre’ campaign and the fact that the Prime Minister of the time even commented on the storyline. Indeed, PM Tony Blair promised to intervene on behalf of Deirdre Barlow back in 1998. He ordered Home Secretary Jack Straw to ‘look into the case.’

In Monday night’s heart-wrenching scenes Sally’s troubled sister Gina let her down on the stand when she said she wasn’t 100% sure that Sally wouldn’t cheat on her partner Tim with conman Duncan.

A desperate Sally begged to the jury: “I have never stolen any money. I have never had an affair. I love my husband. I would never cheat on him. He is everything to me!’

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, as she was found guilty on all counts. Her length of sentence has yet to be delivered. Coronation Street bosses have not confirmed or denied whether actress Sally Dynevor will be exiting the show after over 30 years on the soap.

Could Sally be freed in time for Christmas? Surely she won’t spend Christmas Day in the slammer?

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