Police say they will not jump to conclusions over stabbing of boy, 16

Detectives have refused to speculate on claims a 16-year-old murder victim was stabbed “because of his postcode” while with two friends near his home.

Jaydon James died in hospital a short time after being attacked in the Wood End area of Coventry late on Saturday.

West Midlands Police have said two friends who were with the victim were also seriously injured in the attack and remain in hospital.

Relatives of the teenager have said he was not associated with any gang, with his sister Jayda claiming someone had taken his life “simply because of the neighbourhood he lived in.”

Fatal stabbing in Coventry
Fatal stabbing in Coventry

Commenting on the inquiry on Monday, Coventry police commander, Chief Superintendent Mike O’Hara, said of Jaydon: “He celebrated his 16th birthday two weeks ago.

“Clearly the death of anyone is horrendous and tragic, the death of a child just makes it even more emotional, more upsetting.”

Asked if officers were investigating a “postcode” dispute between youths from different areas, the senior officer said: “We are not jumping to any conclusions at all at the moment because we want to do is ensure we get the best investigation possible to get the right result for Jaydon and his family.

“Clearly we have got a full murder investigation ongoing.

Fatal stabbing in Coventry
Fatal stabbing in Coventry

“We have got a lot of resources dedicated to this.

“We will leave no stone unturned.

“We will have many hypotheses but at the moment we are not going to jump to any conclusions.”

In a post of Facebook on Sunday, Jayda appealed for the public to help identify those responsible for the attack.

“All we want to do now is find out who took Jaydon’s life, so we can seek justice,” she said.