Memorial for Scottish First World War poets unveiled

A permanent memorial to Scottish First World War poets has been unveiled.

The hand-crafted granite Celtic cross recognises their bravery and sacrifice in service, as well as the body of work which they have left behind.

It has been installed in Edinburgh’s Makars’ Court.

Neil McLennan, chairman of the Scotland’s War Poets Partnership Project, said: “As we approach the end of First World War Commemorations, poetic words and warnings of war will echo into another century.

“To help keep those words alive, some of them will now be etched in granite.

“This pertinent memorial is to those who powerfully captured the horrendous ‘war to end all wars’.

“Sadly this has not been the case and so we must keep educating on historic conflicts and on remembrance.”

A public poll was launched by Scottish Poetry Library earlier this year to choose a quote from a series of poems to feature on the memorial.

The lines that attracted most votes came from Neil Munro’s “Lament for the Lads”.

They read: “Sweet be their sleep now wherever they’re lying far though they be from the hills of their home.”