Consultation to consider tighter restrictions on fireworks

Tighter controls on the use of fireworks will be considered as part of a government consultation next year.

Community safety minister Ash Denham said she wants to hear the public’s views amid growing concern about fireworks and anti-social behaviour.

The consultation will look at any action the Scottish Government could take to reduce their misuse, including restrictions on where and when fireworks can be used.

The feedback will influence ongoing discussions with the UK Government about legislation governing the sale of fireworks, which is currently reserved.

Ms Denham said: “Many people enjoy attending fireworks displays but I am very aware from conversations with members of the public and emergency service workers that there is growing concern about the use and sale of fireworks to individuals.

“The hard work of the police and fire services to tackle dangerous and anti-social behaviour helped to reduce the number of bonfire night incidents this year.

“However, there were still a number of concerning reports and I am keen to hear the public’s views on the impact of fireworks and action we could take to improve the situation further.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service welcomed the consultation, which will be launched early next year.

Assistant Chief Officer David McGown said: “Our service welcomes any wider public debate around matters of safety, which includes fire, and in particular the use of fireworks.

“We therefore also welcome this consultation which will allow a breadth of opinion and considerations to be gathered.”