Tottenham slammed for selling Harry Kane NFL shirt for almost £100

Tottenham’s new Harry Kane NFL shirt hasn’t gone down well with fans
Tottenham’s new Harry Kane NFL shirt hasn’t gone down well with fans

Tottenham Hotspur have released their very own Harry Kane replica-style NFL shirt on Friday, but it’s safe to say it hasn’t gone done brilliantly with fans.

The strip features the club crest on the shoulders and the No.10 in huge print on the chest and back while Tottenham’s ‘To Dare Is To Do’ motto is on the inside of the collar.

Why you may ask? It’s because Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is hitching the club’s future up to the NFL.

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The new stadium will host a couple of NFL matches every season, and Kane is a huge fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, even naming his dog after the quarterback.

Kane has also been seen training with the Seattle Seahawks when on Spurs’ pre-season tours and even admitted he’d like to be an NFL kicker when he retires, so as odd as it may seem the move does make sense.

Tottenham’s new stadium is yet to open
Tottenham’s new stadium is yet to open

However, the £95 price tag has proved to be a huge sticking point for fans.

Spurs shared the news of their latest merchandise on Twitter, tweeting “@HKane’s @NIKEUK Spurs American Football jersey – on sale now!” complete with NFL style emojis.

Unsurprisingly, Spurs fans have taken to social media to slam the pricing.

One wrote: “That’s great. But make it affordable instead of just shy of £100.”

Total lack of understanding of fans. We don’t get paid £6million like our chairman.

Another added: “£95 to look like a c***. I can do that by myself.”

A third simply asked: “Why?”

Tottenham had hoped to be in their new 62,000-capacity stadium for the start of the season but have been hit by a series of delays.

They are due to move in January but have agreed a deal with Wembley to play the rest of this season’s Premier League fixtures at the ground indefinitely.