Unemployment in Scotland falls more than 10% in three months

Unemployment in Scotland dropped 10.1% in the third quarter of this year, with the jobless total at 103,000.

The figures for July to September also recorded a fall in the number of Scots who were in work.

New data from the Office for National Statistics showed unemployment decreased by 12,000 over the quarter, taking the jobless rate to 3.8% – lower than the 4.1% recorded across the UK as a whole.

At the same time the number of people in Scotland who were in work fell by 6,000 to stand at 2,636,000.

Unemployment fell for both men and women.

While the male jobless total went from 66,000 to 63,000 in July to September, the number of women out of work decreased from 49,000 to 40,000.

The fall in the jobless total in Scotland stands in contrast with the situation across the UK, with unemployment rising by 21,000 to 1.38 million in the three months to September.